2024 Survey Feedback results:

Thank you to everybody who took the time to complete the 2024 RCA Have your say - we welcome all feedback and below are some key findings extracted from the survey responses.


 Possible activities / Things the RCA could do better  Details  Potential resolutions / actions identified

 Advertise more - much more: Over the past few years, there have been lots of new residents who have recently moved into the area and do not know what we offer.

The RCA must do more to reach out to these residents by various means.

Publicise the RCA Charity and its online presence which was new in 2023 and being expanded all the time. 

Reach out to those who do not have easy access to the internet by advertising using other media such as leaflets and more posters etc.

 Online presence / visibility

 Have a Facebook page - (we do but it has only a small following - again advertising comes in here too)

(In light of recent events please remember this is for the Community Centre and the Rucstall Community Association charity not the social club or the bar company side of things) 

RCA Charity Facebook Page (opens in a new window)

 DIY club A place to build DIY projects such as making a wooden planter, bird box etc  - An excellent idea and will be looked into - funding will have to be sought for materials, tools etc. and volunteers to help provide but this is great. Donations of materials would be greatly  welcomed, so this can provided at minimal cost to our community members.

Hosts and coordinators required:

We need a pool of volunteers to host things just like this, We are trying to build this pool but have had little sign up or support so far and this limits what we can offer currently.

Do you have an hour or two a month that you can help with hosting an activity then we would be thankful to hear from you, please consider signing up and we can get the ball rolling.

Volunteer sign up here

We are also working with the Basingstoke Voluntary Association (BVA) to develop our volunteer policies and workforce.

Community litter picks Host regular litter picks around our area. Another great idea, we will look into getting the requisite equipment (Hi-Vis tabards, pickers etc. to enable this)
Host regular jumble sale / craft fayre  We have thought of this and would like to start this but again we need volunteers to help manage any activities.
Sports days

Yet another great idea - the whole reason for the survey is to help identify the needs of our local community. This will require further investigation as we will need to have various sporting items - rackets, balls, tables, nets etc. 

Donations of equipment would be welcomed for this and again we do not have staff so we need volunteers to help run this event on perhaps a monthly or even more frequent basis. 

Environment appreciation  Walking group or something similar then return for refreshments - could potentially run alongside Litter picks etc. 




Hire one of our spaces 

Join the team - become a volunteer

Get involved and attend an activity

Set the direction - join a committee

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