Environmental Policy

The RCA is going GREEN!                            GreenPolicyLogo

Our charity is trying to be the best neighbour possible in our community and has started on a mission to reduce our impact on the wider environment.


We have identified our biggest contributers and are developing a reduction plan.


Our biggest primary emission source now is our heating system (est. 8 tonnes CO2)- Resolved, new windows and doors to the centre have greatly reduced the draw on our heating system, we still have a gas fueled system but it its more efficient now. Est carbon reduction by 40% amazing! 


Our second biggest source is our Electricity usage - Resolved, reduced our indirect CO2 emissions by an est. 15 tonnes.

Resolution: We have recenty changed our energy supplier and are now on an electricity plan from 100% renewable sources reducing our carbon emissions greatly.


Supply chain - indirect est. 20 tonnes of CO2

We are trying to be transparent as possible, so adding data for all areas of the centre, and by far the biggest area of concern now is the supply chain of products we hold and sell. -


Foster a culture of reusing, repairing and recycling: - Ongoing est. CO2 savings 84kg as of Jan 2024

Solution: We have started a Fix-It club that will try to encourage and educate our community in the repair of electical items, currently running every other month we would like to make this a monthly activity but we need more volunteers.


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